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  • Health Coaching
  • A health coach is a wellness health care professional who enables clients to achieve their health goals through motivation, empowerment, and regular contact.

    Health coaching encompasses five principal roles

    1. Providing self-management support

    2. Bridging the gap between clinician and client

    3. Helping clients navigate the health care system

    4. Offering emotional support

    5. Serving as a continuity figure

    Health coaching will improve chronic conditions such as

    1. Overweight

    2. Diabetes

    3. Heart disease ( Hypertension)

    4. Respiratory disease ( COPD)

    5. Smoking & Tobacco use

    6. Mental health concerns

  • Diabetes Management
  • 1. Offer one-on-one in person, telephone, and on line sessions in your choice of place.

    2. Assess your current diabetes management skills & lifestyle, and set up plan of action.

    3. Follow up & monitor regularly; and help you to stay on track.

    4. Evaluate the results until reaching to an optimal goal.

    foot care and reflexology

    5. Provide foot care and reflexology service as needed.

  • Case Management / Home Care Service Coordination
  • 1. Coordinate all aspects of the care of individual.

    2. Collaborate with multidisciplinary team and personal care service, such as physician, dietitian, physiotherapist, nurse, personal support worker, homemaker, handyman, etc.

    3. Your service will be delivered right to your comfort home in your convenience.

  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • 1. Your vital health information will be received and interpreted by professionals.

    2. You will be given feedback accordingly.

  • Mobile Helpline
  • 1. Simple and accessible for people want to live independently with chronic conditions.

    2. Through the use of a personal help button or phone call, get help when it is needed most.

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Health Coaching

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Diabetes Management

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Foot Care and Reflexology

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Homecare Coordination and Mobile Helpline

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